Model 205 Programming

Standard 8 Hour Delay

Lighten Up! will begin your "Sunrise" 8 hours after it is plugged in.

The advantages of this device are its low cost and simple programming - very simple programming.

Programming procedure:
1) Turn on your lamp and plug it in to the Lighten Up! unit.
2) Plug Lighten Up! Model 205 into the wall socket 8 hours before you want "Sunrise" to begin.

That's it...

When you first plug Lighten Up! into the wall, your lamp will blink twice to tell you everything is set. 60 watt lamps seem to simulate natural sunrise best. We like the lamp away from the head of the bed. This way the entire room is brightened more naturally. Use a different lamp for reading.

All you need to do is plug it in the wall just before you go to bed.
It remembers when you want sunrise after that. It has an internal clock that will cause sunrise to occur at the same time everyday after that. Sunrise will take about 30 minutes and then the "Sun" will automatically shut itself off after another 60 minutes. Lighten Up! is now ready to begin sunrise the next day at the same time. It will repeat this process until you unplug it or turn off the lamp.

To change the sunrise time, you must unplug Lighten Up!, wait 30 seconds, and plug it in 8 hours before the new desired sunrise time.

If there is a power outage that lasts more than just a few seconds with Model 205 your sunrise time may be changed. If this happens, Lighten Up! will need re-programming.
To re-program, unplug Lighten Up! model 205, wait at least 30 seconds, then plug it in 8 hours before you want sunrise to begin, just as you did the first time you used it.

Need a different wake up time?

Can't resist personalizing electronics and don't mind making things complex?
Then you should try our model 308. It gives you many more options at the expense of pushing buttons for a minute or so.Click here to check out the programming options.
Model 308 has a back up battery so short power outages do not change the programming.

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