Model 205


Model 205 is totally automatic. You program it by plugging it into the wall. 8 hours later it begins the sunrise simulation. 30 minutes later it reaches full brightness and stays on for an additional 60 minutes. Then it resets itself so you get another sunrise the next day at the same time. The only way to change this sequence is to unplug it and plug it in again at 8 hours before you want the simulation to begin. Or, turn off your lamp to prevent sunrise the next day.
Model 205 instructions.


Model 212


Model 212 is just a brightener. When it gets power it begins to brighten your lamp. 30 minutes later it reaches full brightness and will stay at full power until you shut off the power. This model is intended for use with an external timer or app such as WeMo. Set the timer to come on 20 - 30 minutes before you want to be awake. Set the timer to go off some time after that, usually 10 - 60 minutes, your choice.
Model 212 instructions.

The advantage of model 212 over model 205 is that by using a digital timer of your choice you have as many options of start and stop times as the timer allows. Most digital timers can be set for different on and off times every day of the week, including completely off on weekends. You can use a timer that has a programming system you like and are comfortable using. Most have a battery back up so a power outage won't reprogram your simulator.

Do you like personalizing electronics?

Then you should try our model 308. It gives you many more options at the expense of pushing buttons for a minute or so and includes a battery back-up so short power outages do not change the programming.
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