Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I stop the sunrise early?

    Model 308. Make sure you always use the buttons to stop the simulation, don't turn off the lamp or use the rocker switch. Always use incandescent bulbs. Even one time using a cfl bulb can destroy the computer chip. Sorry that these are so sensitive to being shut off. There is no practical way to update the model 308. Computers like what they like and sudden power pulses they don't like. The buttons protect the computer chip from power pulses.

    Model 205. Turn off your lamp.

    Or better yet, don't stop it. Turn on your overhead light and start your day!

  2. Why are CFL, or LED, bulbs and dimmers a problem?

    These all have internal electronic circuitry that interacts with our dimming technology. This sets up a feedback loop that scrambles our computer chip, often destroying it in seconds. Some people have even reported problems with surge protectors and "power strips".

  3. What do I do for Summer?

    If you will not be using Lighten Up! for a few months, leave it plugged in and unplug your lamp instead. This will prevent the battery from discharging and your Lighten Up! will be ready when you next need it.

  4. Is there a version for non-USA electricity?

    No. We have tried adapters and transformers but they have all failed. There are other companies who make products for other electricity. Their prices are generally higher however, sorry.

  5. Is there a sunset option?

    No. In order to keep our prices low we have left out this option.

  6. Can I program it to turn off for weekends?

    Not directly. You can program sunrise for mid afternoon so no one will be bothered. You can also shut off your lamp or move the rocker switch to Off.

  7. Will it work with my lamp?

    Probably, but your lamp must use Incandescent bulbs, not have a built in dimmer or transformer. It is best to keep your lamp and lighting choices as simple as possible. Remember, this is a wake up aid only.

  8. What is your return /guarantee policy?

    We offer a 1 year warranty. Defective units will be replaced or refunded (less S&H) upon their return to us. We pay shipping to you, shipping back to us is not refunded.

  9. What is the difference between models 205 and 212?

    Model 205 is totally automatic. You program it by plugging it into the wall. 8 hours later it begins the sunrise simulation. 30 minutes later it reaches full brightness and stays on for an additional 60 minutes. Then it re-sets itself so you get another sunrise the next day at the same time. The only way to change this sequence is to unplug it and plug it in again at 8 hours before you want the simulation to begin. Or, turn off your lamp to prevent sunrise the next day.

    Model 212 is just a brightener. When it gets power it begins to brighten your lamp. 30 minutes later it reaches full brightness and will stay at full power until you shut off the power. This model is intended for use with an external timer. Set the timer to come on 20 - 30 minutes before you want to be awake. Set the timer to go off some time after that, usually 10 - 60 minutes, your choice. We recommend digital timers because they are silent.

    The advantage of model 212 over model 205 is that by using a digital timer of your choice you have as many options of start and stop times as the timer allows. Most digital timers can be set for different on and off times every day of the week, including completely off on weekends. You can use a timer that has a programming system you like and are comfortable using. Most have a battery back up so a power outage won't reprogram your simulator.

  10. What will I do after there are no more incandescent bulbs?

    The incandescent bulb will be available for a very long time as a "Specialty" bulb. Look for decorative bulbs, severe duty bulbs, 3-way bulbs. HALOGEN bulbs are not being phased out at all. These meet the energy efficiency standards and are incandescent. Some halogen bulbs are used in lamps with dimmers or transformers, do NOT use those lamps!

  11. Why don't you ship to Canada?

    Canada post has been a problem lately, and warranty returns postage to Canada eat up what little profit we have. Sales to Canada are not a big enough part of our business to make the additional hassles worthwhile.