More about Bulbs

Some LEDs are dimmable, not all. Each manufacturer uses a slightly different electronic design. Unfortunately, most blink or flash. We like LEDs but we can't recommend any of them for use with Lighten Up! at this time.

CFL bulbs absolutely WILL NOT work. Period! They have built-in transformers that will either die or destroy Lighten Up!, often within a few seconds. Please, don't even try to use them!

Halogen bulbs are a good alternative. Do not use halogen lamps that have dimmers! The bulbs are OK, the dimmer circuitry almost always acts like a CFL and will destroy the lamp or Lighten Up!

At this time we continue to recommend using 40 - 100 watt incandescent bulbs. Simple is best.

Concerned about the "Incandescent phase out"? Click here for details. There are legal incandescent bulbs still available too!